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Wednesday fish fry Added to the menu Nov 4th, 2020

We are happy to add Wednesday night to our fish fry option. It has been requested for some time now. We will try out our Wednesday fish fry addition through March 31st, 2021. With your support we hope that this is a longtime tradition at the Bay.

Open for Dinner on Mondays 4-9, Added Salads and Lunch Offerings

We will be open for dinner from 4-9 starting June 22nd. In addition to the added hours we will be offering new lunch offerings, and salads. Check out our new menu design from Nicole Esche. Nicole has been helping us since we opened, we want to send her a huge shout out. Please check out her work.

COVID-19 Update for The Bay

We wanted to update the website so everyone knows what is going on with the Bay. Our team wants to thank everyone for being supportive and generous during this time. Many of our guests have been showing their appreciation through words of support, offering assistance, generous tips etc. THANK THANK THANK YOU…

We will be opening for dine-in starting 5-29-20. Please read the document below for details.

We will still have one menu but will be adding some limited options back to the menu (Due to sourcing limitation and volume changes)

We are offering take out and curbside service. 3rd party delivery also will be more expensive, but an option through Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Door Dash.

We will update everyone with any new changes as they arrive. Thank you once again and give us a call 4144553045

Thom Ertl Art Giveback for The Bay Employee’s

During this trying time as most businesses are closed Thom Ertl offered to donate 50% of any sales of his displayed artwork to give back to The Bay employees.  Please check out Thom’s work and purchase a great work of art from one of The Bay’s favorite artists.  Thank you so much Thom

Thom J. Ertl Designs is a hybrid of wall art and furniture. It incorporates and recycles common, everyday items—bottle caps, beads, fabric, bric-a-brac, just to name a few—into modern, artistic, practical, original home furnishings and interior design. This contemporary urban assemblage is a reflection of over 35 years of artistic experience, combining visual merchandising and graphic design with a strong sense of whimsy and color and a thought-provoking element of surprise.

Learn more about Thom J. Ertl Designs: